Annulment of arrest orders reveals military superiority over law

From TODAY’S ZAMAN, Istanbul, Aug 9

Observers have condemned members of the military for behaving as if they are above the law, a situation that manifested itself once again with the annulment of a court order to arrest dozens of suspects, including active duty and retired senior military commanders, on coup charges.

“Military members against whom an arrest warrant was issued were not captured in two weeks. Had such a warrant been issued for an ordinary citizen, an immediate [police] operation would have been launched and the suspect would have been handed over to justice,” noted retired prosecutor Reşat Petek. According to Petek, the annulment of the arrest warrant is a strong indication of the invalidity of court decisions for military members.

Sledgehammer is a suspected military plot aimed at unseating the government. It was drafted by retired Gen. Çetin Doğan, the former commander of the 1st Army, in 2003, shortly after the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) rose to power as a single party. The military considers the party pro-reactionary and believes it poses a danger to the secular republic; thus, it has allegedly been engaged in various plans to overthrow the AK Party government.

The Sledgehammer plot included plans to shoot down a Turkish jet and bomb large mosques at busy prayer hours to undermine the AK Party government, with the hope of eventually unseating it.

“A shelter was created for the serving and retired suspects. Everyone is supposed to respect court decisions in countries governed by the rule of law, but this was not the case in Turkey,” Petek added.

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New Facts Call Into Question DOJ Investigations Past and Present

By Andrew Kreig posted by Michael Collins


Four days before Connecticut’s Nora Dannehy was appointed to investigate the Bush administration’s U.S. attorney firing scandal, a team of lawyers she led was found to have illegally suppressed evidence in a major political corruption case.

This previously unreported fact from Dannehy’s past calls into question her entire national investigation. The revelation similarly compromises the pending investigation by her Connecticut colleague, John Durham, who since 2008 has been the nation’s special prosecutor for DOJ and CIA decision-making involving torture.

Here’s the story, which the Justice Integrity Project I lead just broke in Nieman Watchdog:

In September 2008, the Bush Justice Department appointed Connecticut career federal prosecutor Nora Dannehy to investigate allegations that Bush officials in 2006 illegally fired nine U.S. attorneys who wouldn’t politicize official corruption investigations.

But just four days before her appointment, a federal appeals court had ruled that a team of prosecutors led by Dannehy illegally suppressed evidence in a major political corruption case in Connecticut. The prosecutors’ misconduct was so serious that the court vacated seven of the eight convictions in the case. (more…)

Court Vacates Siegelman Charges, As Kagan and DOJ Team Lose

By Andrew Kreig
Huffington Post, June 29

“As a start in redressing the nation’s most notorious political prosecution, the Supreme Court today released its decision vacating federal corruption convictions of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman and co-defendant businessman Richard Scrushy

“The court remanded their Alabama convictions to the Eleventh Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in Atlanta despite arguments last November by Solicitor General Elena Kagan that their convictions should stand.”  More

And, of course, previously from  thepeoplesvoice.org,  Elena Kagan – Willing Accomplice (more…)