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  1. Dear Michael Collins,

    My name is Ryan Foster.

    I’m emailing you now because you are doing vital work in the field of citizen journalism.

    Here in Vancouver we have started a new kind of newspaper known affectionately as The Agora.

    It is unlike any other paper in that the content is community generated and open source, allowing for an extremely broad range of subject matter and the ability to touch on controversial or interesting subjects which conventional papers typically ignore.

    Right now we are a monthly, with a readership within the range of 70,000. We have printed three issues thus far and our next emerges at the beginning of April.

    We have printed work by author Naomi Wolf, senator Cynthia Mckinney, John Taylor Gatto, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, William Engdahl, and many others including many local journalists, writers, and artists from all generations.

    All articles within our paper are used to generate additional traffic to the author’s site(s). Full credit would be given to you, prominently within your alotment. The Agora serves as a print media venue for websites and publications with information deserving of wider circulation.

    Authors are free to do with their columns as they wish, provided they meet very basic criteria. Pieces muse be written professionally, not incite violence, and have sources documented.

    You can use your single article or ongoing column to generate additional traffic to your own site via our real world and digital world distribution networks. Our submission deadline for the April issue is March 20th.

    I’d like to invite you to send us your content either on a one time or an ongoing basis, depending on your preference and on space availability.

    Your article, “First Iceland, Then The World”, would be marvelous in our April issue.

    Check out the beta site for more info http://www.TheAgoraNational.ca and please get in touch with me by sending an email to all 3 of the following addresses: TheAgora@shaw.ca RyanFoster@TheAgoraNational.ca agoraarticlesin@gmail.com or call 778-840-4050

    Thanks Michael!

  2. Dear Michael,
    My name is Dominique Mesmin. I am a french journalist working for national french TV. I am preparing a documentary, a long investigation on “where’s the money in haiti?”. I would like to get in touch with you. You can reach me at dm1@noos.fr. all my best regards.

  3. Recent endeavor of Jean Marie Guillaume , Director General of National Council of Telecommunications (CONATEL) where he plans to establish a network operation center in alliance with Multilink, a local ISP, and SkyMax , an American Company is a plan to funnel money to his pocket while negatively impacting the investments of other telecom players in Haiti. This plan reeks of corruption and is a fraud form start to finish.
    Vladimir Laborde Director General of Multilink has agreed to receive substantial personal funds for this terribly corrupt deal . The Executives of Skymax, Wilfrid Aisi -Chief network architect for Time Warner Cable and Harold Braun – Director of BigBand Networks & Tarana Wireless, Inc., have entangled these reputed companies by their actions in a web of Haitian corruption.

    According to this deal, CONATEL will compel all telecom companies to pass international traffic through the NOC maintained by Multilink and Skymax giving them a monopoly over telecom. Other companies have already invested millions in their own NOCs which will now become obsolete. Jean Marie Guillaume will then share in the profits earned by Multilink/Skymax.

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