A fable for our time

See this post by quiet Bill at The Agonist.
This post is so outstanding and evocative, words fail me …. almost. The notion that a find of this type could be destroyed is unbearable at a soul level. The irony that it was found as a result of a society dependent on whatever metals are there for its progress and modernity adds some real bitterness. The outcome will, no doubt, create an exemplar of the current paradigm of profligacy: Karzai is the one who can say no” and abort the annihilation of the ancient monastery (your link). We know how that will come out:  “It is estimated that China will extract 200,000 tons of copper and provide Afghan government with up to $400 million. ” That’s  money that would go straight to Karizai’s pocket.  The outcome is assured.  And who put him in, against the advise of our Ambassador, General Eikenberry?

Here’s what happened a few years ago in Afghanistan thanks to the Taliban.  The 6th century Bhuddas of Bamyan were destroyed in 2001.  Here today, gone forever because the “earth art” offended the sensibilities of a miscreant. 

In a response aligned with the best of Buddhist tradition, artist Hiro Yamagata proposed a performance art project at the site whereby he would project the lost Buddhas at the site of their destruction.

Laser image: Hiro Yamagata


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