Karachi tense after target killings

A man is framed by the skeleton of a truck, which was set ablaze by unknown men in the parking lot of a school, as hundreds nearby protested against target killings in Karachi, June 11, 2010. — Reuters/Athar Hussain

Tensions and fear gripped Karachi which was experiencing yet another wave of target killings. During the past 12 hours, another five people were killed in different incidents of targeted attacks in various parts of the city. Police and Rangers personnel were stationed across the city’s affected areas. Most of the victims were associated with political and religious groups. Police said the killings are part of a conspiracy to spark sectarian unrest in the city.

Policemen and locals stand near a burnt car which was set ablaze by an angry mob after clashes between two groups in Karachi’s Godhra area. — Online Photo/Hamid Hussain

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KARACHI: After a fresh wave of target killings in Karachi, Interior Minister Rehman Malik on Saturday called a high-level meeting at the Governor House.

Governor Sindh Ishrat-ul Ibad and Provincial Interior Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza also attended the meeting.

Addressing the meeting, Malik showed serious concerns over the target killings and said that the third power was involved in the violence and wanted to disrupt the peace in the city.

He said that miscreants involved in the violence would be dealt with strictness.


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