We are not the Roman Republic!

Sean Paul Kelley, The Agonist

Couple of issues today about that oil gusher in the Gulf. First off, it’s been at least 32 days, yes, you read that correctly, 32 days since this began and there is no, absolutely no relief in sight.

Second, I really, really don’t like saying I told you so. But, I’m going to do so again: I told you so. I said they would do everything they can to cover this up, using dispersants to pollute and poison us and our water. This is reality now. Is the oil dispersed? Yes. Is the water poisoned? Yes. Is most of the damage under the radar? Yes:

The federal government has instructed BP to scale back its use of oil dispersants in the Gulf of Mexico, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa Jackson said Monday.

Jackson said she believes BP’s total use of dispersants can be reduced by as much as 80 percent. While the dispersants are successfully breaking up much of the oil being spilled into the Gulf, she said, “we are making environmental tradeoffs” and are “deeply concerned” about potential side effects.

Enjoy the fucking fish, right?

Lastly, I’d like to take this moment to tell the US Senate that we are not the fucking Roman Republic and that they are not the Tribunes of the Plebs. And that single senators do not have a FUCKING veto:

So far, two unanimous consent agreements to pass the bill have failed after a single Republican senator expressed objections . . . .

Lovely, right?


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