CNN shamelessly propagandizes Iranian rumors with same lies that preceded unlawful War of Aggression with Iraq

by Carl Herman, DailyCensored.Com

The CNN headline: U.S.official says intel suggests Iran plans to ship arms to Taliban,followed by the leading “information”:

Washington (CNN) — New U.S. military intelligence suggests Iran plans to smuggle new shipments of weapons into Afghanistan in the coming weeks as part of an increased effort to interfere with coalition operations, a senior U.S. Defense Department official said Friday.
The information came from an “Iranian source” whose tips on past shipments have been verified by the United States, the official said.
The official declined to be identified because of the sensitive nature of the information. He also declined to offer more details on the identity of the Iranian source. Intelligence gained by talking to people, sometimes referred to as “human intelligence,” is always considered sensitive for fear of compromising sources.
“There are indications the Iranians have stepped it up,” the official said.
These are lies by omission. When we now know that all claims for war with Iraq were known lies as they were told (and verbally explained here), and CNN provides similar innuendo from that war by an unsourced alleged report with concerns of what might occur in the future allegedly stated by an unnamed US source reporting on an unnamed foreign source, this is propaganda and not news.
An honest reporting of this dubious information would also have to include the facts that the US overthrew Iran’s democratically elected government from 1953 to 1979 and then unlawfully supported the armed attack and invasion of Iran from 1980 to 1988. Those two massive crimes killed up to a million Iranians. When the US lied to invade Iraq and lied to overthrow Iran’s government in a covert CIA operation (Operation Ajax), and then supported an unlawful war to overthrow their government again, honest reporting would have to begin with the assumption that history is the strongest argument of any information the US alleges. We should assume the US is lying now until proven otherwise by strong evidence.
In the case of Iran, we do have factual and independently verifiable evidence: that the US is lying.

That CNN and corporate media do not report this is another lie of omission and prima facie evidence that CIA disclosed assets infiltrating corporate media for war support are still in place. As a teacher of government law, one way to powerfully prove the Orwellian lies of our political-corporate media collusion is to reverse roles and tell a story: What if China did to the US what the US has done to Iran?
War with Iran is treason when unlawfully committed, founded upon lies, and the cause of Iranian defensive war levied upon our soldiers.

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